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  • Hows the man these days? Are you going to be able to get away from R&R this summer....or will just be reading my threads?
    Like my Mom use to say, "Glad your exams are over son - so...when might we expect to see you working?" Mom was always good at delivering subtle hints. Trust that you have more than a successful year.
    I'm off to the great white north [old television comedy series] starting tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. The only thing that I haven't packed is the dog. I'll be gone until the end of July. I have to be back in town to meet some commitments and then I'm off again for a short trip to the Halilburton Waterways and then I'll spend a week at Camp Wendake as part of the Care Team. I should be just about camped out by then.
    Hi there - I'm sending you another message because I want to see you on the Notable Member List. Fresh faces keep the site interesting and relevant. and I like your style as well.

    So...what are your camping escapades looking like for the summer? [Which actually started today - yahoo!!!!
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